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Fish Care Guides

Our fish care guides offer in-depth profiles of various species, covering essential information such as temperament, dietary needs, water parameters, and breeding tips. You’ll be equipped with the necessary tools to successfully create and maintain a thriving aquatic environment tailored to your fish’s requirements.

Freshwater and Saltwater Fish

Fishkeeping is a diverse hobby that spans both freshwater and saltwater environments. Aquarium Days cover all aspects of these fascinating ecosystems, discussing various fish species, their care requirements, and their unique features. Our goal is to help you turn your aquarium into a fascinating underwater haven whilst maintaining a balanced symbiotic relationship among its residents.

Plants, Shrimps, and Other Species

Aquarium keeping is not just limited to fish! Aquarium Days extends its coverage to include the diverse possibilities offered by aquatic plants, shrimps, and other species. We introduce you to the world of aquatic flora and fauna, assisting you in creating a lush green underwater landscape to complement your fish while providing a delicate balance essential for the health and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants.


Our Reviews section is where we share honest, unbiased assessments of the latest fishkeeping products and accessories in the market. Our team carefully analyzes the key features, pros, and cons of both top-selling products and hidden gems, guiding you in making an informed decision while shopping for aquarium essentials.

Q&A and How-to Guides

We understand that fishkeeping can be challenging at times, and our Q&A and How-to Guides sections aim to address frequently encountered questions and provide step-by-step instructions for various procedures. From cycling your tank to addressing common health concerns, we offer a comprehensive guide collection to help you troubleshoot problems and confidently provide the best care for your aquatic pets.

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